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Do I wear too much makeup?


I’m aware that this question might not appeal to my male readers. However, I’m interested to know what you think. I’m not necessarily asking whether you think I, Corin Leigh Jackson, stick too much slap on my face, rather, what is your opinion of girls that do? How much is too much? And would you really be saying that if you saw us without it?

I’m not going to bang on about how girls that rely on makeup must be insecure of their looks, or hiding behind some sort mask. I rarely go a day without makeup and I’m perfectly happy with my face. Makeup is designed to enhance the way you look, and I’m far too accustomed to the enhanced version of myself to stop now. Also, if I ever venture out makeup-free, I’m met with flurries of ‘Are you ok’, ‘You look really tired/stressed/ill/hungover’. I feel perfectly fine, if not a little embarrassed. Not only have got used to, and prefer, the made up version of myself, so has everyone else. It’s at that point that you feel the pressure to continue looking your ‘normal’ self, to avoid embarrassment. The main thing is however, people still recognise me. I look the same, just a little paler, with blonde eyelashes, and practically no eyebrows.

“It was all going so well until she poked herself in the eye.”

The first problem arises when you get to the point that make up doesn’t enhance your looks, it takes them over. In basic terms, if you look 100% like a different person with no makeup on, then you’re probably wearing too much. Having said that, if you feel good, people actually think you look good, and you don’t mind spending your savings in Boots, then I don’t see what the problem is. It’s a lot of effort and early mornings spent just to please other people, or fit in to the conventionally attractive category, but if it works for you then please continue.

I’m not trying to sound overly critical, but I’ve often wondered how many hours I’ve spent painting my face in front of a mirror. I’ve come to the decision that I don’t want to know, but it’s a lot. It dawned on me at Uni that because the majority of boys spend under five minutes in the shower, can probably get away with not doing their hair, and fling on the first thing they find, they probably have around an hour, maybe even two, extra, every single day. That’s fourteen hours a week, which equates to more contact hours than I had at Uni per week. I know right. By the time most girls have got themselves ready for a night out (which is fairly regular occurrence at Uni), their male housemates could have completed an assignment.

I spoke to my housemate about this conundrum, to which he replied ‘yeah but you don’t have to wear makeup do you, it’s your choice.’ Fair point. However, when you’re adamant that the way you look speaks volumes about the sort of person you are, it’s difficult to step out of the house looking like a tramp. Not only that, it makes me feel crap about myself. I’d avoid eye contact with everyone, and would probably wear a balaclava if I could. The main reason being, people have certain expectations of you, of the way you look. Genuinely rocking up without giving a shit is only for the natural beauties of the world, and there are far less than you know. Being an Exeter graduate, I’ve come across my fair share of wannabe natural beauties. Unfortunately for them, it’s all too obvious that they’ve spent a lot of time trying to look that way. I’m sorry, but your hair doesn’t actually do that while you’re asleep.

“Goodbye fine lines and wrinkles, hello mental institute..”

There is no way of measuring the amount of makeup you should or shouldn’t be wearing. If you feel like yourself, only more confident, outgoing and susceptible to compliments, then you’ve probably got it just right. If you’re not bothered about makeup and feel like that anyway then hats off to you. Just remember, everyone deserves a day off, you don’t have to look perfect all the time. It’s important to laugh at yourself. Don’t let yourself get to the point where you won’t go out the house because you’ve run out of bronzer. It really doesn’t matter. And boys, cut us some slack. You say we’d all look better without it, but believe me, most of us wouldn’t, and that’s ok.