The Shade


Pin me down against the shade,

Your eyes like holes, they take and take.

They sap the liquid from my tongue,

The lamplight down, the blisters gone.


I know your name your name is mine,

I know your game, I know the time.

I know it’s fixed, set to implode,

I know the floor, the ceiling’s low.


I grab the rope, you pull back tight,

The safety shore cut out the lights,

The safety shore is filled with clay,

It sets a mould and here I stay.


Reaching up I grab at clouds,

They shrink to dust and then the sound of

Thunder shudders up my spine,

The stars disperse then realign.


My pupils bolder, needing more,

Summon strength and leave the floor.

I’ll pin you down against the shade,

My eyes like holes, they take and take.


About corinleigh

I like to live in the moment, whatever 'the moment' is, in hope that the future will take care of itself. This ideal boils down to two major things: a) I am a victim of fate (and a victim of all the ideology and cliches that go with it) and b) I enjoy everything that is bad for my teeth... tea, coffee, chocolate, sweets, red wine, cigarettes... I may or may not end up toothless. Who knows. Who cares?

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