Monthly Archives: November 2012

We Laugh We Cry


Tick over to my side I feel you,

Flutter past my ear.

You influence, you taint,    lonely girl16672deMers

You dance,

I overstep the mark,

You laugh.

I saunter to the floor.


Run faster round my head your circles,

Growing in my eyes.

My tongue is split, I hiss,

I kiss,

You’re staring at the sky

I cry,

I’m crawling up the walls.


You take my hand I waver, stand,

I’ve seen this one before.

The glass it breaks, it cuts

and cuts,

Our ribbons tied,

We laugh we cry,

I’ve seen this one before.


I wind a hair around my thumb,

It tightens there,

My heart’s gone numb.

It tastes of fire, burning red,

It tastes of tar,

It tastes of fate

I’ll meet you at the door.